It was probably in 1988 when I was 5 years old I got infected by the rally virus. Watching the cars fly by on a stage of the Hellendoorn Rally close to where I grew up.
When I got my drivers licence I started to watch more rallies and in 2005 I bought my first “proper” camera. The following years I was lucky enough to earn a little bit of money with rally photography to spend on WRC trips.
After 5 years interest in rallies started fading, so the last few years I did not visit a lot. And no rally photography at all. But after visiting the 2019 Rally de Portugal the interest in rally is back. Times have changed so I won’t be able to visit a lot of rallies but when I do you will find the pictures on this website, and some on my Instagram and Facebook page.
Also it is nice to go through the old pictures, and put them back online. My small little rally time capsule on the world wide web.
I hope you enjoy this site, and if you have any comments or questions feel free to get in touch!


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